Quality - Time - Cost for Software (including websites)

These three factors - quality, time, and cost are the same for software as any other product or service. In most cases, two out of three will be favorable (meaning high quality, done quickly, for a low cost). On many projects, quality and fast are not… more »


Tags are an interesting idea - a way to highlight the content of an item to categorize it for quick access. But assigning tags to each post in a blog can be cumbersome. It is almost redundant if there are categories. A different approach is to c… more »

Fast CSS skin map idea

*** This post and link superseded by the 'color map' blog (see above) *** The link provides a set of instructions and code which allow you to read the CSS files from a target application, then read CSS files from an existing site, and map the colors… more »

Version Hiding for Server and Application Security

One of the easiest ways to make a server or application more secure it to reduce the publicly accessible information. The above link describes how the versions can be suppressed in the HTTP headers to make it more difficult for people to identify th… more »


With sincere thanks to the associated URL, this is .htaccess code that can be used with b2evolution to deny access to requestors who include http: or ftp: on the query string. This is slightly different than the other post - it seems to be working. [L,… more »