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Dare to push the envelope ...

In today's economic climate, traditional design, code, integrate with applications will become too costly. The companies that will be most successful will identify opportunities to reduce the cost of labor for mechanical tasks like applying colors to… more »

Cost-Effective Design Strategies

Start with a skin, purchasing skins is almost always worth the investment. The layout of the skin is more important than the colors. If a skin isn't available, have the design team build one that is flexible enough for most clients. Develop a starting… more »

Engineering and Design Skills

Most designers don't work directly with LAMP. Most engineers don't create images and page layouts. That is why a team is so important. Usually, one person makes things look nice, and one person makes them work. In the best case scenario, each res… more »

Let the client pick the colors for their site ...

Automated tools that skin a site allow people to choose the colors and see the effect without any technical knowledge or access. This is the perfect way for a web client to 'design' their own site. They have the time and ability to select the colors th… more »

color map - a web marketing and design tool

The original intent of the color mapper is as a tool for web sales and marketing people. It allows them to quickly get the colors from a client's site and apply them to the applications they use. This would not be a design approach, but a way to help… more »