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Professional Volunteers - Web

The Internet is a vital communications tool. Web sites and email are important for most organizations that are striving to reach a widely distributed audience in a cost-effective manner. Many small organizations, especially non-profits, need a site,… more »

Evaluating Candidates for Web Development Positions - HR

It may be difficult for HR personnel to determine which web development candidates to interview. Candidates for any web position should always submit URLs of their work and a description of their contribution to the project. If they don't, either t… more »

Web Professionals and Staffing - Education Matters

The web industry has matured to a point where requiring a related AS or BS will not limit the qualified candidates significantly. Web designers should have a graphic design or visual communication degree. Their responsibility is to use color, layout,… more »

Mapping CS Courses to Internet Software Engineering

These aren't specific courses, the intention is to provide a rough parallel. They aren't in a particular order, and multi-semester study is implied for some areas. Operating Systems - Particulary Linux. Appreciation of the hardware that makes the… more »

Quantifying Professional Titles

It can be difficult to determine the title assignments within a company. However, there are two definite indicators that can be used to assign titles - time spent on production work (as opposed to time spent leading/managing), and the number of employee… more »
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