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Zend Framework 1.12 - Form Decorator settings

I really like the dl/dt/dd output of Zend Framework for forms, but there came a day when I needed a lot more control over the presentation. In order to remove the dl/dt/dd I used these settings in the form. In form/model/edit.php PHP$this->setDeco… more »

Google OAuth and Contacts API - PHP Curl Examples

This code uses Zend Framework's Zend_Json::decode method, however you can use json_decode if it is available on your version of PHP. Create the authorization link When this link is clicked, the site visitor is presented with a page from Google askin… more »

dojo 1.7.1 AMD with Zend Framework 1.11

I have been working on a new web application using Zend Framework 1.11 and Dojo. In order to use the AMD loader of dojo 1.7.1, I modified the Zend_Dojo_View_Helper_Dojo to include a flag indicating whether to use the AMD loader or not, and updated Zend… more »

Zend_Rest - Example

I built a REST API and calling code using Zend Framework. This code also uses Doctrine ( Prior to coding, I reviewed several resources on the 'net in an attempt to follow best practices. I visited the f… more »

dojo - dijit Form - Create dijits programmatically

This code populates an empty form with a radio button input that has three options. It can be modified to work with check boxes and other dijits. This is intended to be used with Zend Framework's Zend_Dojo_Form component, the tags are created using… more »
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