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Updating Firefox 3.0.18 to 3.6.4 on CentOS 5

Last night, Google refused my search requests, claiming that something was making too many requests. Since it was late, I shut off the laptop. This morning, I Googled for information and found,… more »

Powerful Tools to Quickly Skin an Application

The link above allows you to upload images, which can be compiled into a banner. The banner can then be run through robots-design. That will extract the colors and apply them to the CSS. more »

Further Application Notes works very well through upgrades, in this case, with dojo. Using the tundra theme, I can reskin an application - including dojo/dijit very quickly. Some colors should not be changed - specifically error and warning displays which are… more »

Application Delivery Networks - An Excellent Application of

The link above suggests integrating diverse, externally hosted applications with polished designs. This is an excellent use of, because the volume of design translation may be massive. The basic approach would be to identify those CSS f… more »

Rapidly changing the colors of X-Cart's skin1.css works extremely well with X-Cart's skin1.css. There are many colors and they map nicely with most images. There is a demo of a static image of an X-Cart home page at The colors are derived from the same imag… more »
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