Category: "Drupal" - Translator from Drupal .info to RPM .spec files

This is a very simple translation of a Drupal .info file into an RPM .spec file. It may be useful in identifying methods to assemble complex Drupal installations on dedicated servers or VPSs where the modules can be managed as RPMs. This would not be u… more »

Drupal RPM spec file generator module

A Drupal RPM generator module could scan the modules installed and extract the following information: Source file (full URL) Requires - the modules required to support each module Provides - the name of the service/capability/feature provided by e… more »

Drupal RPM Component Construction

The next major step for Drupal will be assembly of an RPM repository that bundles compatible components into RPMs that can be managed as such. In order for this to succeed the server filesystem architecture must be created such that a single installatio… more »

Open Source RPM .spec file

This is an RPM .spec file for dojo, that will install it in /opt/os/dojo .rpmmacros %_topdir /home/account %_buildroot %{_topdir}/BUILD %_tmppath %{_topdir}/tmp dojo.spec %define targetdir opt/os/dojo %define version 1.1 %define release… more »

Drupal RPM architecture

Drupal is one of the most popular content management systems and modular web application architectures available. It would be an excellent system to deploy an RPM management system on. This system would generate .spec files for the modules, ensuring… more »
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