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Screen Resolution - Web development

I have uses the statcounter for several years to help me adjust page layouts for web development. The mistake I have been making is that the browser does not usually have the entire screen resolution available. Today I took some time checked the windo… more »

Mozilla/4.0 (compatible;)

This user agent was in the middle of many page requests in my Apache logs, requesting content referenced by link tags in the head section. After a bit of research on one of the link tag URLs, I ran this script: CodeIPS=`grep Author access_log | cut… more »

Login Access Limits

After reviewing the log files for this blog, I noticed many attempts to log into it.This is my blog, registration and comments are disabled. To all those who would post helpful comments and legitimate information, I'm sorry.I access the blog adm… more »

Great New Web Resource launched recently. It's great new resource for web people, from 'n00bs' to 'w00ts'. What makes it special: A great team of moderators. These guys are experienced and know the web. A library of code snippets, little bits of code t… more »

Content Feeds - Facebook and Twitter - Source, Sink or Both?

Facebook and Twitter have become integral parts of web marketing and outreach. Many companies use them in innovative ways to reach people. Twitter - Twitter is an extremely efficient distribution medium. Tweets are easy to issue from a phone, lap… more »