Category: "Fun"

Bingo Game Maker

This is a very simple way to create bingo boards with random layouts. Granted you need PHP and Linux, but if you have them, and you want to create bingo boards, you're all set. The way it works is you create a text file with one square per line. You… more »

Windows 7 Dual-Boot CentOS 6.4 on an External USB Drive

Before you do this, make recovery disk(s) for Windows 7. Unless you already have them. You may want to backup anything you have on the Windows 7 drive, but if you're only using it to run browsers, you haven't invested that much anyway. Make sure you… more »

Cartoonify (quantize) an image

Quantizing an image reduces the number of colors. It's an easy way to convert a photo into an image that looks more like a paint by number pattern, or 'cartoon'. It might be a fun way to create an avatar, improve image presentation while speeding del… more »

Generate Backgrounds with ImageMagick

Link is to a page that has daily dynamically generated background tile images, with a gradient overlay. A fun way to make a site more interesting, especially for those with limited design skills. :) more »

dojox Gallery / SlideShow Demo

Link is a demo of the dojox Gallery / SlideShow widget. Implementation considerations: Table of contents (left column) provides links for SEO, as well as navigation by site visitor/organization of content. A detail page could be developed fo… more »
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