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PHP - ImageMagick command line Pie Chart

This code was converted from a bash version to create pie charts. It is much faster and does not require bc on the server. PHP is used to create the ImageMagick command line. This code creates pie chart and legend images which can then be placed on a… more »

bash - ImageMagick - Pie Chart Script

This is a very simple script that will create a pie chart and legend using bash, bc, and ImageMagick. Many thanks to the link above which provided the algorithms to complete the SVG paths. It accepts a list of parameters which must add up to 100. The… more »

Image - Round corners, add a credit

#!/bin/bash if [ "$#" -lt 2 ]; then echo "usage: $0 'image file' 'credit' ['resize']" else ORIGINAL_IMAGE=$1 BASE_FILENAME=`basename $1 .jpg` echo "$2" > $ convert $BASE_FILENAME.jpg \( +clone -alpha extract -draw 'fil… more »

Label with Every Font - ImageMagick

The goal of this adventure was to find the font that looked the best on a Massachusetts license plate, using ImageMagick. I got the list of fonts using -list type fonts. This was run on two servers with different versions of ImageMagick, so there a… more »

Quick Sprite Builder

Sprites allow you to combine many images into a single file, reducing both the number of requests and bandwidth required to deliver pages.I had 51 images, each was about 10K, so the total was about 510K. These images had dimensions of about 250p… more »
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