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Returning custom headers with FOSRestBundle

The Content-Range header supports a (dgrid) OnDemandGrid [image:30] PHP use FOS\RestBundle\View\View as FOSRestView; ... $view = FOSRestView::create(); $view->setData($data);… more »

Symfony 4 - Multiple DataFixtures files

I recently upgraded a Symfony 3.3 application to Symfony 4 Part of the upgrade was loading the DataFixtures. Symfony 4 recommends you put all your DataFixtures in a single file. I'll get around to that later. However, due to the way I organized the file… more »

Upgrading from Symfony 3 to 4 - JSON Database Content

My latest adventure has been to upgrade a web application from Symfony 3.3 to 4. All the pages load and I am starting to test execution. This error came up and I scoured the code for instances of AppBundle [image:10] Then I checked the database. One of… more »

Revised Dijit/Tree Menu for Symfony

This is the final implementation for the tree menu I'm using for a Symfony application. The first approach wrote the JSON for the menu store into the template. This was a little awkward and as the application grew, the amount of content increased. Next,… more »

Symfony doctrine:query:dql

When developing application that use databases, it is often helpful to run SQL standalone to get the information you need, then integrate it into your code. With Symfony and Doctrine, it is nice to use DQL because it is a nice bridge between the… more »
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