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An Excellent Dialup ISP - US

As noted in the previous post, a free Juno account grants you access to, including their webmail.Juno requires that even people that subscribe to their service use their software to connect to the Internet.Unfortunately, their software i… more »

Ubuntu 9.04 - USB Dialup - Juno - Connect

My Mom uses Juno's dialup service to connect to the Internet and for email. Her HP laptop was infected with something, and had really become unusable, it was so slow.I took it home where my valuable tool is a high-speed Internet connection.After… more »

Tweet and be heard (marketing)

If you use Twitter to keep in touch with your friends, stop reading now. This post is for people who are using Twitter as a marketing tool. Start on the link above - go see what others are tweeting. Check out your competition. Sit there for a few… more »

Learning New Technologies, From Scratch, Quickly

Be patient. It will be difficult. Remember all the other technologies you learned and how hard you worked. Be persistent. Google. Lots of other people learned the same things, and many posted what they learned on the 'net. Learn and share. Accept… more »

Session Timeout Notes

Server should use a deterministic method to timeout sessions. cron jobs are good. These should be lightening fast. See other posts in this blog. These timeouts address the situation where the user closes the browser and walks away without logging out… more »
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