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Web 3.0 Predictions

Definitions Social networking - The use of technology to connect people. Web 3.0 - The next generation of the Internet. Predictions Ads - Advertising (like the Google ads on this site), will continue to get more and more engagin… more »

Converge - dojo panes - AJAX iframes ...

I wanted to break my page into 6 content areas, with 5 where the content could be directed by one, and from cross-links from the other. I pursued iframes, but the site architecture didn't work well with it. I tried dojo's content panes and was really… more »

Use the Cache - Micro page overhead can be overcome with the browser cache

Although frames and iframes may require duplicate requests, most browsers will cache .js, .css, and .htm/.html files. This virtually eliminates the redundant request overhead, while still allowing a rich interface constructed from a page of micro pages.… more »

Frames and IFrames

Using frames and iframes to support web 3.0 pages is a great way to simplify the architecture, and avoid the complexity of AJAX. It also makes implementation of a CDN easier. There are many ways to provide graceful search engine indexing of the pages… more »

The Value of Web 3.0

The value of web 3.0 will be in its content, not in the technology to deliver it. To succeed, a company must make extremely efficient use of techonology for delivery, and focus on valuable content resources (people). As with everything, the web is be… more »
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