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AMI - upgrade PHP from 7.1 to 7.3

Don't do this on a production system I ran this on an Amazon Linux AMI - it's probably fine on CentOS, etc. Get all the PHP 7.1 packages and make a file called php. You might have to change the .x86_64 to .i386/.i686 Code sudo yum list installed php71*… more »

Fast Page Added

This is a faster version of There are no demo connections, and the interface is simpler. The remainder of the code is the same. more »

eZ publish sitestyle color mapping was used on the eZ publish Website Interface to recolor the CSS. Steps Copied a static version of the eZ Web Interface files. The demonstration does not require a full installation of eZ. Made a backup of the .css files Used the… more » - Code Architecture is a hosted tool, because it can be, and it makes it accessible to everyone. By reading an image, and extracting the colors from CSS files, then generating sed commands, the design is changed in an extremely efficient manner. There… more »

Image substitution

Image substitution has been added. This allows you to extract the images, and view them and their dimensions. You can then create new images with the same names to change the design. more »
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