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Key Cloud Service Architecture Considerations

Converting an existing product or service for use in the cloud should begin with a consideration of several key requirements. Simply extending a system to support more clients may result in serious security, performance, and scalability issues. Thes… more »

Open Source Partners

Many open source companies have partner programs. Companies that become partners demonstrate a commitment to the open source software. Partnership does not guarentee qualification or competency. Before allowing partnership to influence your selectio… more »

Instant Web Site - with Full Control

Concrete5 ( offers a great way to create a site quickly, and be able to customize it later. This is a valuable service, because many people start with a simple site, and then want to extend it. Concrete5 gives you all the ac… more »

Web Development - Horizontal and Vertical Markets

Horizontal Web sites Intranets ecommerce Live support Social networking / web 2.0 Blogs Flash RSS / aggregation SEO Internet Marketing Vertical… more »

Web Development Firms - Strategies for Today's Economic Environ

Internet services (building web sites and applications) used to be a black box type of service, the client requested a solution, a web company developed one, and then client relied on the service provider for all related work. Times have changed.… more »