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Application Delivery Networks - An Excellent Application of

The link above suggests integrating diverse, externally hosted applications with polished designs. This is an excellent use of, because the volume of design translation may be massive. The basic approach would be to identify those CSS f… more »

More Cost-Effective Design Strategies

Work within application design architectures. In other words, try to use as much of their HTML and CSS as possible, or replace just the CSS. Most good applications have a nice hierarchical CSS and template organization. Learn to work with it. Many ap… more »

Dare to push the envelope ...

In today's economic climate, traditional design, code, integrate with applications will become too costly. The companies that will be most successful will identify opportunities to reduce the cost of labor for mechanical tasks like applying colors to… more »

Cost-Effective Design Strategies

Start with a skin, purchasing skins is almost always worth the investment. The layout of the skin is more important than the colors. If a skin isn't available, have the design team build one that is flexible enough for most clients. Develop a starting… more »

Skin an Old Site with New Colors

Many times, the existing HTML site cannot be abandoned quickly, but updating the colors can help reinvigorate the pages. If the code has alot of inline colors and styles, automating the recoloring makes it possible to preserve the existing investment,… more »
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