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Professional Engineering - Habits

Do what you're told. If you disagree, voice your concerns, and then, do what you're told, even if you still disagree. Let people know what you're doing, so they have an opportunity to correct you if you are going astray. Ask for permission if you are… more »

Web You Point 0 (You.0)

Type your name and email address into Google - in quotes, as you use it most. What is your web profile? What kind of impression are you publicizing? Is it accurate? Is it what you want people to see? Prospective employers and many other people wil… more »

Hiring Audit

Every candidate for employment should be audited to see how well they meet the posted position requirements. If the company is hiring candidates that are not meeting the requirements, either the requirements need to be adjusted, or the hiring team shoul… more »

Social Networks - Profit

The best way to profit from social networks is to develop the skills to build them. If you are a web person - of any sort - designer, developer, engineer, database expert, server administrator, SEO expert, or Internet marketing specialist, you are well-… more »

Business intelligence

LinkedIn (and other professional networking sites) make alot of information available. Want to know the organizational structure of a company? You can probably build a pretty good org chart using just LinkedIn. What to know the interaction pattern… more »
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