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Change image colors with Jasc Paint Shop Pro

To take the colors from one image and apply them to another, the following approach yields the best results: Open the two images Set the focus to the target color set and save the palette. Colors > Save Palette. You may have to convert the source… more »

Image color change notes / FAQ

Why doesn't the page output the recolored image? Security, server load, tuning (fuzz factor may need adjusting), time constraints, architecture. It is unlikely the tool will ever execute the commands to recolor the images, however, it will probably be i… more »

Apply the colors of one image to another

This is the beginning of code that will change the colors of one image to reflect the colors of another. more »

eZ publish sitestyle color mapping was used on the eZ publish Website Interface to recolor the CSS. Steps Copied a static version of the eZ Web Interface files. The demonstration does not require a full installation of eZ. Made a backup of the .css files Used the… more »

Let the client pick the colors for their site ...

Automated tools that skin a site allow people to choose the colors and see the effect without any technical knowledge or access. This is the perfect way for a web client to 'design' their own site. They have the time and ability to select the colors th… more »
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