Category: "Design"

Easy, fast, social network customization was initially developed as a tool for more cost-effective skinning of applications, but it can also be used by social network providers to allow non-technical users to use the colors from image to change their profile on the site.… more »

All image formats supported

Color mapper was updated to allow all image formats. more »

Color check

If the colors aren't from the image you selected, go back to the color mapper page, check the colors in step 1, then click the go button. Upon return to this page, the colors should be updated (browser caching may have to be cleared). Please remember… more »

Color mapper - control color set

To see the original skin colors, click on web notes at the top of the page. This is the asevo skin for b2evolution, although I changed the colors. The colors on web notes are the ones that are used for the mapping. more »

Great rapid design approach

Using the link above, you can very quickly choose colors for an attractive color scheme and them augment them with images. Many applications use hierarchical CSS architectures, where common elements have the same CSS and the skin defines or overrides… more »
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