Category: "Dojo"

Choosing javascript Libraries and Toolkits

If you want to add sophisticated client side functionality to a site, and are considering a javascript library like jQuery, dojo,, etc, remember: Powerful tooks often add significant overhead. It isn't worth using a library to suppor… more »

dojo - ContentPanes - compression

To compress the content delivered to a dojo ContentPane, you can compress the content and cache it with the Zlib functions of PHP, then open it with the filesystem functions and deliver it with the Content-Type header set to "text/html" (or other approp… more »

RIA Hosting

Using RPMs to install open source toolkits such as dojo, Smarty, and Zend Framework allows hosting companies to create a cost-efficient architecture to offer clients servers ready to support RIAs and sophisticated sites. This may improve security by a… more »

Open Source RPM .spec file

This is an RPM .spec file for dojo, that will install it in /opt/os/dojo .rpmmacros %_topdir /home/account %_buildroot %{_topdir}/BUILD %_tmppath %{_topdir}/tmp dojo.spec %define targetdir opt/os/dojo %define version 1.1 %define release… more »


An image is worth 1000 pixels Rich interface applications require careful designs, and should almost always be multi-lingual capable. One of the best ways to achieve this for small page elements is the use of images as labels. Examples: Red c… more »