Category: "Dojo"

Rapid Development Strategies

Web sites have become exponentially more complex and the expectations of site visitors have soared as well. The only way to build powerful pages is to use sophisticated tools, quickly and effectively. :!: Choose tools that have decent documentation… more »

Web client side development tips

As web pages become increasingly complex, more logic is running on the client side, which requires debugging and resolution of browser compatiblity issues. Even with a great tool like dojo, a page may be processed differently and require fixing. Fire… more »

AJAX for speed and polish

With a good toolkit (think dojo), AJAX can let you make a beautiful site. One strategy I adopted was to use a dual delivery approach on the server side, so server side code can deliver either HTML or JSON. This allows you to reuse the server side log… more »

dojo readOnly indicator

A contribution to dojo, a read only indicator for text inputs. It uses an existing image from the tundra theme to place the ubiquitous circle with a line through it in the right hand part of read only text inputs. .dijitReadOnly { backgro… more »

Community contributed code

The associated link points to a nice extension I wrote and contributed for eZ publish 3.8+. It has been downloaded 600+ times. Unfortunately, I don't have time to maintain the code or test it with newer versions of eZ publish. Which means, if pe… more »