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Common web page requirements

This is a list of implied requirements recommended for all web pages. Page should render properly in all supported browsers. Identical is not required, but equivalent is. Client side code (javascript) must execute properly in all supported browser… more »

Accelerate - Focus on the end product, not the components

There is so much awesome open source code available, and some of it is very powerful. To build a powerful, cost-effective solution, the best approach is to use open source code to provide the bulk of the functionality, and then extend or integrate the r… more »

Fast AJAX / Dual Page Population

Fast AJAX To speed up an AJAX page load, particularly with a toolkit such as dojo, you can do the following: Set the cache headers on the server for 'far-future' dates on toolkit files, and any other files that don't change often. Use the director… more »

Converge - dojo panes - AJAX iframes ...

I wanted to break my page into 6 content areas, with 5 where the content could be directed by one, and from cross-links from the other. I pursued iframes, but the site architecture didn't work well with it. I tried dojo's content panes and was really… more »

Web Development/Engineering

Great resources: Mozilla/Firefox - plugins Firebug, CSSmate/CSSedit, YSlow XAMPP - more »