Category: "Dojo"

Presenting KnpMenus with Dojo

This Dojo module will traverse a menu delivered by the KnpMenuBundle and present it as a Dijitized menu bar. There may be a few extraneous modules included, but this code will likely be extended. Codedefine([    "dojo/_base/declare… more »

Symfony / Dojo - Prod and Dev environment management

Dojo has a great build process which allows you to create a optimized and minimized files for the client side (and more!). In a production environment, this greatly improves performance. However, building the code after every change will slow developm… more »

dojox/gauges/GlossyCircularGauge v1.9.1

Example of a Dojo GlossyCircularGauge HTMLtr>tr>tr>Independent Contractor Rate Calculatortr>r>.dijitTooltipContainer {        border-width: 1px;        background-color: #f… more »

dgrid Print Shim

If you need to print a dgrid, you can query the store and create an HTML table with JavaScript. Create and work with the dgrid as usual, but add a second div below it which will contain the table. <div class="no-print" id="grid"></div… more »

Dynamic Banner - js and css

This post provides code to create a dynamic banner which sources images from Flickr. Using a dynamic banner has several advantages: The banner is assembled dynamically, it is more engaging The images aren't stored or managed on local servers T… more »