Category: "Dojo" - Source from favorites

I wanted to use a favorites list on Flickr ( as a source for images. dojo 1.3.0’s sources images from a public photo feed: reg.register("default",function(_2f){return true;},_2d+"photos_public.gne"); Sin… more »

dojox.grid.DataGrid - Search for item

This is one way to search a dojox DataGrid for an item. In this case, the id is used, but other attributes can be searched as well. function already_in_the_grid(id) { var bFound = false; member_store._getItemsArray().forEach(fun… more »

dojo 1.7.1 AMD with Zend Framework 1.11

I have been working on a new web application using Zend Framework 1.11 and Dojo. In order to use the AMD loader of dojo 1.7.1, I modified the Zend_Dojo_View_Helper_Dojo to include a flag indicating whether to use the AMD loader or not, and updated Zend… more »

dojo 1.7.1 AMD Page Example

This is a very simple example of how you can implement a dojo page with AMD. The intended architecture is that the HTML would be used for all pages and the page content and behavior would be modified by the javascript. With that in mind, the 'page' ja… more »

dojo - dijit Form - Create dijits programmatically

This code populates an empty form with a radio button input that has three options. It can be modified to work with check boxes and other dijits. This is intended to be used with Zend Framework's Zend_Dojo_Form component, the tags are created using… more »