Category: "Dojo"

Zend Framework dijit.FilteringSelect Configure

To configure a FilteringSelect dijit, with a Zend Framework .ini file, use the following syntax:; status elementelements.status.type = "FilteringSelect"elements.status.options.label = "Status"elements.status.options.dijitParams.searchAttr = "na… more »

Sourcing dojo from AOL's CDN under Zend Framework

This implementation uses a default layout. To set the path and name of the layout (default.phtml), the application.ini file was configured like so: configs/application.ini resources.layout[] = resources.layout.layoutPath = APPLICATION_PATH "/layo… more »

dijit ValidationTextBox Custom Validator

The dijit ValidationTextBox widget is an excellent way to help users enter valid data. Recently, I had a very long and complex regular expression that caused performance issues when the data was typed into the input. To improve performance, I used a cu… more »

Multiple dojox grids on a single page

I've been working on a page that allows an administrator to configure mobile device reimbursement expenses.  The page offers three types of expenses (voice, messages, and data), and five different reimbursement options for each (no reimbursement, flat ra… more »

dojox/charting - notes

Notes on using dojox Charting. Read the documention at the link above. Assemble the page as AJAX from the beginning. Don't bother building an HTML version first, the number of requests required for charting is large enough that these pages should… more »