Category: "Dojo"

Rounded Rectangles Notes

Creating rounded rectangles has become a bit of a quest. This blog links to a utility that lets you create a rounded rectangle image that can be used in a page to help organize the content ( It has a link to… more »

dojox Gallery / SlideShow Demo

Link is a demo of the dojox Gallery / SlideShow widget. Implementation considerations: Table of contents (left column) provides links for SEO, as well as navigation by site visitor/organization of content. A detail page could be developed fo… more »

Free .PNG and .JPG Banner Builder

Allows you to upload up to 10 images. Assembles them into a banner 100px high. Adjusts height, retains aspect ratio. Produces both a .PNG and .JPG. more »

Gradient Generator Notes

Value The value of this utility is in its simplicity. Image, photo, and graphical editors are very action-intensive. This tool allows a selection of a single color, the width/height, and then it creates all four gradients. This is a very fast way t… more »

dojox Grid Select Indicator Demo

Demonstration of a selection indicator for a dojox grid. Notes: Grey checkmark serves as select all/deselect all, if no rows are selected, clicking on the checkmark will select them all, if any rows are selected, all will be deselected. Row sele… more »