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Cleaning up after a hack

grep -rl MultiViews * | sed "s/\(.*\)/chown user:group \1/" > chown_multi grep -rl bacjdzzazbzceh * | sed "s/\(.*\)/chown user:group \1/" > chown_bacj grep -rl MultiViews * | sed "s/\(.*\)/rm -f \1/" > rm_multi grep -rl bacjdzzazbzceh *… more »


In virtually every web application - performance should take precedence over everything. PHP (and many other languages) are interpretive. The code is read over and over. Organize the files such that the most commonly used code is first. Keep… more »

preg_replace trim vs. trim

Regular expressions incur a significant amount of overhead. If there is a suitable PHP function, it should always be used before coding a regular expression. <?php $sWord = ' TestString '; /* Time preg_replace trim double quotes */ $fS… more »

Comments - Etiquette

Comments are added to code to assist the reader in understanding the code. The following guidelines should be observed: Comments should not be written to editorialize or entertain. Sarcasm should not be in comments. Questions can be placed in com… more »

RIA server filesystem architecture

The /opt directory can be used to store shared components, as follows: /opt/os - All open source components /dojo - - and other javascript libraries /Smarty - - template engine /Zend - http://framework.z… more »