Category: "LAMP"

GUI vs. Command Line

There are many powerful GUIs to assist web professionals, and, they are excellent. They often allow people to perform tasks that they would not otherwise be able to. This is valuable for inexperienced users, however, it is not an excuse to be casual wi… more »

RPM Compliant Web Applications

RPM compliant web applications and toolkits must meet the following requirements: Dissociation of customization and extensions from the application. This includes all configuration parameters, such as database access settings, design elements, and… more »

unexpand for speed

Editing files often introduces extraneous spaces. The unexpand command will convert the spaces into tabs. This can result in a tremendous reduction in file size, code that is easier to read, and pages which are faster. unexpand INFILE.php > OUTFILE.… more »

Key Site Architecture Considerations

Virtually every site or web application should consider the following: Multilingual capable - even if the content is not immediately available in other languages. Retrofitting translation into a site is extremely costly. Common components - any co… more »

just_a_test, just_another_list ... http://www.blankner.ocps… more »