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Accelerate - Focus on the end product, not the components

There is so much awesome open source code available, and some of it is very powerful. To build a powerful, cost-effective solution, the best approach is to use open source code to provide the bulk of the functionality, and then extend or integrate the r… more »

Cleaning after a hack

Here are some tips for cleaning up after your site/server has been hacked. Look at the files that don't belong - find a common pattern. Most have one. Use grep -rl pattern * to find all the affected files. If you pipe the output to a file, you ca… more »

My Favorite Web Stuff

Template engine - Smarty ( Scripting language - PHP ( AJAX toolkit - dojo ( ACL library - phpGACL ( Windows AMP server - XAMPP (http://www.apachefrien… more »

LAMP Engineer

LAMP = Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP(or Perl,Python) A good LAMP engineer can use the whole stack to build graceful, cost-effective solutions. It is the synergy of the stack, with a good knowledge of each layer, that makes this skill set valuable. Exampl… more »


LAMP is all about layers. Passing data from a database up to a client. Each layer is responsible for translating the data from its source, to be ready for its destination. Thus, if the database architecture is less than ideal, it should be masked… more »