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eZ Publish - LiteSpeed - Conditional header

I have an eZ Publish site, running in host access mode, with three subdomains, admin, mobile and down. I don’t want the subdomains to be indexed by search engines, and I especially want to keep the admin interface out of the search engines. Some… more »

Deny Access Based on Accept-Language Header

It can be difficult to determine the source of a request to a server. You can use geolocation to lookup an IP address, one excellent service is IP2Location. However, if the goal is to deny access to servers from outside the country, language may be… more »

eZ Publish Workflow - electronic media delivery

I'm helping on a site that sells music. I wanted a way to bundle a person's purchases into a single file that could be downloaded once. There are two types of electronic media, mp3_product and album. Each may have an image associated with it. An m… more »

Installing ffmpeg-php on CentOS 5.8

Follow the instructions in the link above, they're excellent. If you get a few compile errors related to missing files, add these RPMs (excerpt from /var/log/yum.log): faad2-devel-2.7-1.el5.rf.i386 x264-devel-0.0.0-0.4.20101111.el5.rf.i386 lame-… more »

How to Keep a Mobile Site Out of Search Engines

I have a mobile version of a site, which is accessed through auto-detection of mobile user-agents. Since the content is virtually the same as the regular site, I didn't want it indexed by search engines, both to prevent site visitors from landing on… more »