Category: "LAMP"

Wicked Good Gallery - Lightweight LAMP, Easy to Administer

The Wicked Good Gallery grew from an idea mentioned at and discussions with the people at The challenge was to build a gallery application that would allow site visitors to view and purchase artwork… more »

Real-Time Apache Server Monitor

Apache includes mod_status, which lets you monitor the server status, in real-time. Click the link above to see it running up at There are also ways to automate the reporting, so you can gain further insight into performance, and y… more »

Mobile Device HTML Page - Detect and Redirect

First, the device must be identified so the correct content can be served.An .htaccess file can be used, or these settings can be placed in httpd.conf (or an included .conf file). This is an Apache 1.3 version, 2.+ may be slightly different.#… more »

Using .htaccess to Report Delivery Time

The question was whether the number of rewrite rules in .htaccess would have a significant impact on performance. With the following set of rewrite rules: Options +FollowSymLinks -Indexes <IfModule mod_php5.c> php_value magic_quotes… more »

Shared Hosting - In a pinch permission updates

After a long day working on an upgrade, I realized I needed to adjust the permissions of directories and files that were owned by nobody.nobody. I was about to send a ticket to the hosting company, when I realized you can use PHP to change the permiss… more »