Category: "LAMP"

Apache configuration for a simple development server

I'm setting up a CentOS 5.4 laptop to build a new site for St. Kathryn's Church in Hudson, NH ( I want to use the server to run other sites as well, so setting up virtual hosts was one of the first steps. I like to use a dedi… more »

How to kill processes out of a ps list

ps eaux | grep 'uniquestring' | sed "s/^root *\([0-9]*\).*$/\1/" | xargs kill -9 more »

SugarCRM Extension/Modules/Integration Notes

Under custom/Extension/modules/[module to extend/modify]/Ext/Menus add a [new module].ext.php file with the additional menu options. If you want to change a menu option, loop through the menu array and replace that option with the new one, in the menu.e… more »

Rebuilding PHP Under CentOS5

Configure firewall to allow httpd requests: system-config-securitylevel Get PHP development RPM: Get PHP source RPM:… more »

dojo / ImageMagick Gradient Generator

Choose a color, enter a length, click 'Create Gradients'. Page will generate 4 gradients (.pngs), from the selected color to transparent, along 4 axes, in both directions. more »