Category: "LAMP"

Quick Scan of /etc/httpd/logs/access_log to Identify Visitors

If you don't have web stats running on your server, but you'd like to see who is visiting the pages, the following lines can be used. cut -f1 -d' ' /etc/httpd/logs/access_log* | sort | uniq host IPADDR The first line extracts the requesting I… more »

AJAX Interaction Notes - dojo

Notes on using a dojo/RIA web interface to launch background (server-side) scripts. File uploads can run under FF and IE with, and it is a nice interface. There is another post on this blog, with sample code. Synchronizing back… more »

AJAX Limits

AJAX and RIA's are rapidly redefining web interfaces, but they can be expensive and complex to implement. A key consideration is to keep server side logic on the server. Background scripts should be written to require little to no user interaction, a… more »

Monitor Script Execution with PHP

The following is a very simple script that can be used as a framework to monitor the execution of a script. Comments are used for explanation. <?php /* Ensure the viewer has logged in. */ session_start(); if (!isset($_SESSION['bLogged_in']))… more »

Polished Directory Listings - Without Server-Side Code

Apache's mod_autoindex allows you to present polished directory listings with very little effort. Key points: There are many options. Read the page carefully and test out the different options to find what you like best. HTMLTable is excellent… more »