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The registration for the domain name expired, the credit card number had changed, and the most cost-effective solution is to run this blog as a subdomain. more »

Contribute and Share

Participating in a forum related to professional issues is a great way to learn and share. Whether you need help, or answer requests, you will almost always learn from the other posters. I like ProgrammingTalk (link above) - there is a wide variety… more »

Thank You Malwarebytes

I don't often "surf the 'net", visiting unfamiliar sites. Most of my Internet access is in search of LAMP/RIA technical resources and answers, as well as contributing my own through this blog and on the appropriate sites. Recently, I was checking a s… more »

Blog Organization

A blog without any categories may do well with search engines, but it won't help site visitors find related content. If the objective of the blog is to provide a collection of helpful material, organization is vital. Create appropriate categories a… more »

Key Site Architecture Considerations

Virtually every site or web application should consider the following: Multilingual capable - even if the content is not immediately available in other languages. Retrofitting translation into a site is extremely costly. Common components - any co… more »
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