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Passing Structured Data from Perl to PHP

After writing many lines of Perl to decode data returned from database queries which must then be passed back to PHP, I found JSON conversion routines which are much faster and more reliable. In addition, unlike my awkward Perl, they work! :::::::::… more »

Google OAuth and Contacts API - PHP Curl Examples

This code uses Zend Framework's Zend_Json::decode method, however you can use json_decode if it is available on your version of PHP. Create the authorization link When this link is clicked, the site visitor is presented with a page from Google askin… more »

PHP <-> Perl Bridge using cURL

Using cURL to submit requests from PHP into Perl allows graceful reuse of code with a system with a robust core of Perl code and a PHP web interface. The Perl code accepts a module name, sub/function name, and a set of parameters. It includes the modu… more »

Google Maps API - Distance Calculator - PHP Example

This code gets the distance, in miles, between two US Zip codes (04429 and 02135). You can substitute other origins and destinations. <?php function curl_request($sURL,$sQueryString=null) { $cURL=curl_init(); curl_setopt($cU… more »

PHP Text Highlighter

This snippet accepts an array of words, and a descriptive name which can be used to reference the words, like so: $this->scan(array('mysql','css','js','content management system', 'xhtml','xml','rss','html','lamp','ria', 'sugar','php','zen… more »