Category: "PHP"

Serializing Data to Pass between Perl and PHP

The objective of this task was to determine if data serialized by PHP could be decoded by Perl. The first step was to create some serialized data. In this case, the data is being used to define an interface. An associative array was used, with the fi… more »

XML Fed Form Interface

This is a demonstration of how you can use XML to feed PHP to generate a form. It is helpful when a flexible form interface is needed. This example includes the name of the field, the length, a regex validation string, default value, label for the inpu… more »

Great New Web Resource launched recently. It's great new resource for web people, from 'n00bs' to 'w00ts'. What makes it special: A great team of moderators. These guys are experienced and know the web. A library of code snippets, little bits of code t… more »

PHP Base Class Implementation with Iterator

This is a class definition for a base class which can be extended.FeaturesAttributes are defined dynamicallyIteration is implemented, to allow the use of foreachAttribute validation is includedUses array_fill_keys if it is available, othe… more »

An Ounce of Performance and Prevention

The Wicked Good Gallery was a lot of fun to build. It meets the stated requirements, I like the design, and I learned some good stuff.One issue that always concerns me is performance. The Wicked Good Gallery demo has seven images, and on each page… more »