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RPM vs. tar for distribution for open source web applications

RPM advantages Installation always puts it in the same location Single copy of the source on the server, saves disk space Potentially more secure, since permissions can be set to read-only RPM can serve as an installation wizard, rather than writ… more »

RIA Hosting

Using RPMs to install open source toolkits such as dojo, Smarty, and Zend Framework allows hosting companies to create a cost-efficient architecture to offer clients servers ready to support RIAs and sophisticated sites. This may improve security by a… more »

Open Source RPM .spec file

This is an RPM .spec file for dojo, that will install it in /opt/os/dojo .rpmmacros %_topdir /home/account %_buildroot %{_topdir}/BUILD %_tmppath %{_topdir}/tmp dojo.spec %define targetdir opt/os/dojo %define version 1.1 %define release… more »

RPMs with web applications and version control

Any large web application requires version control. Whether it is subversion or CVS, ClearCase, or some other tool, a system must be in place to manage the software changes and updates, especially if more than one person is working on the code. The o… more »

RPM BuildRoot

The BuildRoot setting in an RPM spec file is what allows you to indicate the target directory for the files you are including in the package. more »
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