Category: "Security"

Thank You Malwarebytes

I don't often "surf the 'net", visiting unfamiliar sites. Most of my Internet access is in search of LAMP/RIA technical resources and answers, as well as contributing my own through this blog and on the appropriate sites. Recently, I was checking a s… more »

Have the Server Watch Your Account

This crontab entry will email you a report of all the files modified within the past 24 hours. find $HOME -mtime 0 Search for files in your home directory which have been modified in the last twenty-four hours. This command works this way becaus… more »

Nifty Phishing Approach

*** Scam was stopped *** This phishing attempt was delivered through email, with the above link - claiming maintenance was scheduled. Has some nice text, doesn't tell you to login, but provides a link so you can. :) It looks great. The code be… more »

Free X-Cart Installation Checker

The checker is an HTML file that will allow you to enter the URL for your cart, the directory you have installed it in, then offer you links that you can click to see if the server has been properly configured to protect the files. This tool is valu… more »

Risks of Web-Based Application Management

Many web applications can be configured through the application. This is extremely valuable, especially for users that don't have SSH access and don't want to use FTP. The danger is that in order for web access to work, the web server must have write p… more »