Category: "Security"

Make Phishing More Fun!

The next time you get an email from a bank you don't do business with, asking you to login to verify your account details, enjoy it! First, forward the email, with all the headers to the bank, so they can protect other users. Then, click on the lin… more »

Cleaning up after a hack

grep -rl MultiViews * | sed "s/\(.*\)/chown user:group \1/" > chown_multi grep -rl bacjdzzazbzceh * | sed "s/\(.*\)/chown user:group \1/" > chown_bacj grep -rl MultiViews * | sed "s/\(.*\)/rm -f \1/" > rm_multi grep -rl bacjdzzazbzceh *… more »

just_a_test, great response

Several posts on this blog list the URLs of <?php echo md5('just a test'); ?> I recommend the above link for a better list. more »

Key Site Architecture Considerations

Virtually every site or web application should consider the following: Multilingual capable - even if the content is not immediately available in other languages. Retrofitting translation into a site is extremely costly. Common components - any co… more »

just_a_test, just_another_list ... http://www.blankner.ocps… more »