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Guerilla Marketing

There is a vast amount of information on the web, publicly accessible. Qualified observers can assess the technical skill of a web company by looking at a site and the page construction, they can perform complex analysis using validators and sites like… more »

Application Upgrades - an excellent business opportunity

The web is constantly changing and keeping applications on servers which can support them may be difficult, as hosting companies upgrade the servers to improve security, the applications may fail. Most web companies are extremely careful and use strat… more »

RIA Hosting

Using RPMs to install open source toolkits such as dojo, Smarty, and Zend Framework allows hosting companies to create a cost-efficient architecture to offer clients servers ready to support RIAs and sophisticated sites. This may improve security by a… more »

md5 just-a-test ... just-a-list

If you own the domain, check your server. If you see these URLs in your referer stats, check your server. http://www.clubna… more »

md5 just-a-test list

The following URLs may have the md5('just_a_test_code'):… more »