Category: "Security"

Web n.0

I think the near future of the web will focus more heavily on the technology than the functionality of sites. Two areas will be extremely important, performance - meaning AJAX, and security. more »

just_a_test - Server sources

The following URLs are distributing <?php echo md5("just_a_test");?> Some people use this code to explore web application vulnerabilities. If you see these in your stats, you should check your server for anything out of the ordinary.… more »


With the plethora of powerful open source applications available, the great premium on rapid development and deployment of sites, and the ever present threat of malicious server attacks, security is extremely important. mod_security is an open source… more »

Common web page requirements

This is a list of implied requirements recommended for all web pages. Page should render properly in all supported browsers. Identical is not required, but equivalent is. Client side code (javascript) must execute properly in all supported browser… more »

WordPress 2.5 Image File Upload Errors

In addition to b2evolution, I have WordPress 2.5 blogs, which were extremely easy to upgrade through Fantastico. There were two issues that were causing image uploads to fail. Here are links to the two solutions that worked for me, with thanks to… more »