Category: "Web 3.0"

Micro Pages for Web 3.0 ?

More web 3.0 ideas Build pages as collections of frames or iframes Construct alternate access for pages to allow subsections to be delivered. This means a page could have a 'full' mode, or a 'piece' mode. 'Full' mode would deliver the entire page… more »

Web 3.0 Implementation Ideas

This are very rough ideas. Imagine requesting a page, identifying the start and end of the parts you are interested in, setting the BASE tag as appropriate, and leaving the contents of the HEAD section. That may deliver a functional page segment.… more »

Web 3.0

Web 3.0 will be the aggregation of people's presence on the web. It's already happening with things like Google gadgets (maybe I'm behind the times). Imagine you participate in a social network or enjoy visiting a particular forum or blog. Instead of… more »
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