Using Crystal Icons with dojo's dijit tundra theme

The link above is a demonstration of the use of Crystal Project icons with dojo’s dijit tundra theme.

Crystal Project icons allow you to extend and customize tundra. Adding icons to inputs has the following advantages:

  • Many people can quickly look at the icon and enter the correct type of data, without reading the label or prompt. Obviously, this works best with familiar data types, such as times, dates, email addresses, and search strings.
  • If the inputs are in a table, the distance between the labels (column or row headings) and the inputs may be great enough that a quick visual reminder is valuable assistance for the user.
  • Multi-lingual applications almost always benefit from the addition of images.
  • The image are beautiful, they make the page look better.

The images chosen may have been intended for different uses. It is up to the designer to select the ones that work best.

There is also some overhead involved, each additional image is another HTTP request. The easiest way to improve perfomance is using browser caching, the next step would be to use ImageMagick to create sprites.

convert +append cp/16x16/apps/xclock.png cp/16x16/apps/yahoo_protocol.png new.png