bash - ImageMagick - Pie Chart Script

This is a very simple script that will create a pie chart and legend using bash, bc, and ImageMagick. Many thanks to the link above which provided the algorithms to complete the SVG paths. It accepts a list of parameters which must add up to 100. The… more »

dgrid Print Shim

If you need to print a dgrid, you can query the store and create an HTML table with JavaScript. Create and work with the dgrid as usual, but add a second div below it which will contain the table. <div class="no-print" id="grid"></div… more »

HTML5 input tag required and placeholder shim for IE

Two of the nice HTML5 attributes for input tags are required and placeholder. Unfortunately, IE doesn't support them. This code snippet… more »

Constructing targetted CSS

I am working on a page with a responsive design. The page is really two pages, assembled with PHP. This allows the content and functionality to be reduced for smaller mobile devices, and enhanced for tablets and desktops. In order to provide consiste… more »

eZ Publish - LiteSpeed - Conditional header

I have an eZ Publish site, running in host access mode, with three subdomains, admin, mobile and down. I don’t want the subdomains to be indexed by search engines, and I especially want to keep the admin interface out of the search engines. Some… more »