Contact Form Fixed

Sincere apologies to those who tried to request information through the contact form on this blog. I have changed it to use the contact form and tested it carefully. Comments and inquiries are most welcome. more »

Secrets Web Development Companies Don't Want You to Know

You can register a domain name very easily. Hosting is cheap. HostForWeb, and many other companies (see link above), has plans that start at $5/month. Running a web site requires very little technical knowledge. Most hosting companies offer web-based… more »

Evaluating Candidates for Web Development Positions - HR

It may be difficult for HR personnel to determine which web development candidates to interview. Candidates for any web position should always submit URLs of their work and a description of their contribution to the project. If they don't, either t… more »

HTML Checker

The link above scans a web page for common issues. It is not a validator. It allows you to very quickly identify the following: Use of deprecated HTML tags. This indicates the code on the page is either old or written by someone who is not up… more »

Extending or Customizing a Live Site or Application

If your company site is based on a complex, open-source application, it's live, and you don't want to put a copy on a development server - create an alternate view or access path. Any company that does or allows development live on their own site (eas… more »