What you can do with FireBug

Debug javascript Examine the DOM tree Understand the CSS Change the CSS in the browser to see its effect See the layout of the page Determine the dimensions of page elements See the page components and understand the page load process View the HTT… more »

Make Phishing More Fun!

The next time you get an email from a bank you don't do business with, asking you to login to verify your account details, enjoy it! First, forward the email, with all the headers to the bank, so they can protect other users. Then, click on the lin… more »

Log ALL Errors

Graceful error trapping and display is important, both during development and after deployment. It is also good to have debug control that is manageable through environment variables. One nice solution is to use SetEnv in .htaccess or a .conf file.… more »

Fast Page Added

This is a faster version of robots.design. There are no demo connections, and the interface is simpler. The remainder of the code is the same. more »

Interpretive File Architectures - PHP & Perl

If you are developing code for interpretive languages such as PHP & Perl, consider the use of the scripts carefully. As a rule, you should strive to write code which evaluates only the code required for execution. Files should be as small as poss… more »