Category: "Dojo"

Using Crystal Icons with dojo's dijit tundra theme

The link above is a demonstration of the use of Crystal Project icons with dojo's dijit tundra theme. Crystal Project icons allow you to extend and customize tundra. Adding icons to inputs has the following advantages: Many people can quickly lo… more »

dojo / ImageMagick Gradient Generator

Choose a color, enter a length, click 'Create Gradients'. Page will generate 4 gradients (.pngs), from the selected color to transparent, along 4 axes, in both directions. more »

dojo ColorPicker Demo

The above link illustrates the use of the dojo ColorPicker widget. Select a color, font, and enter some text. Clicking Create Image will display a corresponding image. ImageMagick ( is used to create the image. more »

dijit ContentPane Demo - With Refresh and Terminate

The link above demonstrates the use of a dijit ContentPane to request content from the server with a client-side request refresh, and error detection that allows the server to indicate when the requests should be stopped. The intended use is to allow… more »

Customizing dijit tundra

dijit's (dojo - tundra theme is excellent. Notes on customizing it: Copy dojo.css, dijit.css, tundra.css, and the supporting images out of the dojo tree and into the application's CSS directory. Place the images in a di… more »