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AJAX Interaction Notes - dojo

Notes on using a dojo/RIA web interface to launch background (server-side) scripts. File uploads can run under FF and IE with, and it is a nice interface. There is another post on this blog, with sample code. Synchronizing back… more »

dojo Fisheye Example

dojo's Fisheye widget is fun. The link above is to a demo of the Fisheye widget. Notes: <div dojoType="dojox.widget.FisheyeList" itemWidth="50" itemHeight="50" itemMaxWidth="200" itemMaxHeight="200" orientation="horizontal" effectUnits=… more »

milliseconds Add up in the Browser

dojo's dynamic inclusion of the logic required to render pages is great. The line dojo.require("widget"), ensures that the code required to run "widget" will be ready to run. There is a hidden cost to this - the underlying logic and requests to get t… more »

dojo dijit Tri-State Checkbox Widget

The link above is a demonstration of a dojo dijit Tri-State Checkbox Widget. It includes a nice button interface to test the properties, methods, and events of the widget, some documentation, and a link so you can download the widget and the test code.… more »

Generated profile.js for dojo Builds

To generate a profile.js file for dojo builds, you can use the following command string: grep dojo.require * | sed "s/dojo\.require\ *(\ *\([\'\"][^\)]*\)).*/\1/" | awk '{l=length($0);if (FNR!=1) printf "\n,%s",$0; else printf "%s",$0;}' > middle… more »