Generated profile.js for dojo Builds

To generate a profile.js file for dojo builds, you can use the following command string:

grep dojo.require * | sed “s/dojo\.require\ *(\ *\([\’\"][^\)]*\)).*/\1/” | awk ‘{l=length($0);if (FNR!=1) printf “\n,%s",$0; else printf “%s",$0;}’ > middle

Sample output:


If this ouput is prefixed with (name the file top):

dependencies ={
    layers:  [
        name: "mydojo.js",
        dependencies: [

and postfixed with (name the file bottom):

    prefixes: [
        [ "dijit", "../dijit" ],
        [ "dojox", "../dojox" ]

It will yield a properly formatted profile.js file.

Use cat to assemble it, like so:

cat top middle bottom

Note that dojo.parser and other core elements don’t have to be specified, but it is simpler to leave them in.