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Adjusting the screen resolution under CentOS 6

With sincere thanks to the link above, this is how you can adjust the screen resolution under CentOS 6. Run this command (with the appropriate resolution): cvt 1920 1080 You'll get output similar to this: # 1920x1080 59.96 Hz (CVT 2.07M9) h… more »

b2evolution - comment forms stalling - version 4+

This is a b2evolution blog. There's a second blog running from the same installation, and the comment form was stalling on page load, displaying 'Loading ...' and the icon, but never finishing. The first action I took was to upgrade the blog. Many… more »

Filtering Spam - Tips & Ideas

SSH in to the server and find the affected inbox. Quick Look at the inbox This command shows the From, X-Spam-Bar, and Subject, without the file name. If you want to see the file names, remove the -h. You may have to use a different header for the s… more »

Apache Mod_AutoIndex - IIS/ASP Implementation

This is a simple directory listing script for IIS, using ASP. Features Custom CSS for each folder, if available It reads a css directory and if there is a .css file with the requested directory name, it will include a <style> tag for it. F… more »

Word 2007 VBA Macro to Create PDFs for a Manual

This is a macro that reads a (Microsoft) Word 2007 document which uses INCLUDETEXT fields to draw in content from other documents and exports the content as a PDF, including a table of contents and index. There are three administrator types or roles… more »
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