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BlackBerry Web Development - SDK

BlackBerries now have a very cool widget development approach, you can build a web interface, run it through an SDK and it will create the widget or .cod file.My goal was to learn, to see what it is, what it can do, and decide whether I can use it fo… more »

Word 2007 VBA Macro to Assemble a Manual from Chapters

The following VBA macro allows you to scan a directory for subdirectories and add INCLUDETEXT fields with additional bookmarks to create a master document which can be used to create several different versions of the same content. It will also create st… more »

Word VBA Macro to Remove All Bookmarks in a Document

This macro removes all the bookmarks from a Word (2007) Document. I use it to update documents which are imported from Framemaker and had a lot of unused bookmarks. It may not be the most efficient code, but it does work. The approach is to create… more »
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